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AAC device lending service

On 1st October 2008 an augmentative communication device lending service was established in the North Great Plain Region using devices bought with funds from the grant project entitled “Support for the lending of augmentative and alternative communication aid devices”, which was won by The Congregation of the Great Church of Debrecen Emmanual Home ESZA Non-profit Organisation. The expansion of the device fleet in 2010 by ESZA Non-profit Organisation was made possible through funds from the grant project entitled “Support for the maintenance and procurement of augmentative and alternative communication aid devices”.

The convention regarding Act XCII of 2007, on the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities and its Optional Protocol, reads thus in Article 9 with respect to ensuring equal access:

“In order to make possible an independent life for people with disabilities and to enable them to participate fully in every area of life, the participating states take adequate measures to give disabled people the same access as others to the physical environment, transport, information and communication, including information and communication technologies and systems, and other publicly accessible or available services both in urban and rural areas. These measures, which include the recognition and removals of obstacles and limitations…”

Communication is a right, not a privilege!

In the case of disabled persons whose injury causes them to face difficulties and obstacles because of a lack of suitable aids or methods, our task is to make aids and methods available to them according to their individual needs.
We come into contact with the outside world through communication, and so communication is one of our important keys for understanding it.

Communication is the key to human relationships.

Its goal is the sharing of our thoughts and feelings. It is the controlled exchange of human messages. With the aid of communication we express our needs, our thoughts, our will, and our opinion, and by it we give and gain information about the physical and social world that surrounds us.

Communication is a fundamental human characterstic. Every person communicates – not to communicate is impossible!
Everybody is capable of communication, and it is necessary to find the format of communication suitable in each case.

Even those whose communication abilities are the most seriously impaired have means of communication, and these means, because of their inadequacy, require supplementation. The solution is the application of alternative and augmentative communication methods and aids, by which the following can be achieved:
- the reduction of communicative discrepancies, and increase in the effectiveness of communication, and the fullest possible self expression with respect to needs in the given circumstances,
- the best use of the abilities of seriously and multiply handicapped individuals, the development of active and independent communication with the help of various methods and aids, which make possible the given person’s active participation in situations in both more limited and wider environments,
- seriously and multiply impaired individuals can express their wishes, needs, desires and thoughts; at the same time they become able to recognize and understand the most fundamental relations in the physical and social environment and form emotional bonds,
- communication enables the individual in question to become accept and develop new things,
- a significant reduction in behaviour problems caused by frustration at failures in communication, the gaining of experience about basic social relationships,
- communicative behaviour is, from the point of view of the given child or adult, spontaneous and flexible, and is functional and can be applied and understood as widely as possible, whilst the environment becomes understandable and acceptable to them.

The institution provides free services in the following areas:

- case assessment,
- the provision of suitable aids to physically disabled, speech impaired and multiply handicapped children with impaired communication abilities,
- the provision of advice to parents and institution staff bringing up physically disabled children with impaired communication abilities,
- instruction in the use of aids, the monitoring of their effectiveness, and their adjustment when necessary.

The use of the aid lending service can take place after an appointment with one of the specialists responsible.
Nikoletta Koncz Sarkadiné 00 52 530 027; 00 30 823 7480

The list of aids can be viewed here: aak.pdf (Hungarian languagef



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