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Donations and sponsors

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Construction of a workshop
Within the framework of the North Great Plain Operational Programme, we submitted our grant application for the competition “The development of regional civil organisation”. The project commenced on the 3rd June 2009 (the day the contract was signed) and finished on 28th February 2010.
As a result of the project, a 99.76 m2 obstacle free workshop for multiply disabled children was constructed in the basement, which can be approached by lift without any obstructions. Within the workshop there is an area where candles can be made, a pottery workshop with furnace, and an obstacle free toilet. It is a place where multiply disabled young people can, within the limits imposed by their disability, take part in manual and creative development activities, and at the same time experience involvement in useful work.
Rehabiliting work activities take place in the workshop under the supervision of a pottery expert, assisted by specialists with social work qualifications.
The workshop created under the project is not only free of physical obstacles, but also satisfies requirements for the removal of informational and communication obstacles.
The project was made possible by European Union support and European Social Fund partner financing.



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