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The Immanuel Foundation

The Foundation was brought to life with the aim in view of supporting the Immanuel Home of the Reformed Congregation of the of the Great Church. It has been operating as a registered charitable organization since 1998.

Founding members in 1991:
Dr. Elemér Kocsis, bishop; Ferenc Arató, pastor; Zsigmond Vad, pastor.

The management of the then Foundation was a nine-member board of trustees, among whom were pastors, teachers, the Deputy Mayor, and the Chairman of Social Committee were included.
Currently, the Foundation is managed by a seven-member Board of Trustees: the bishop, pastors, the Chief Elder of the Synodal MORE, the Deputy Mayor, and the Municipality of Debrecen Chairman of Social Committee.
The Chairman of the Board of Trustees is Dr. Lajos Debreczeni, doctor and forensic expert.
The Board of Trustees meet as required, but at least twice a year.

The mission of the foundation

We see it as our task to help in the rehabilitation, occupation, upbringing, education, and transportation of the disabled children at the Immanuel Home and their provision with free time sports activities, cultural activities and information. We also see it as our responsibility to cover any costs over budget in the daily running of the Home, and to procure more expensive assets.



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