- Quality Policy
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Quality Policy

Our mission is to give people with multiple disabilities attending the institution a chance to progress, learn and feel emotionaly secure in the varied atmosphere we create for them.
Our responsibility is to buid a partnership with our clients, and do everything possible to prepare them for the most dignified life they can live.
We are commited to share our professional experience and our views with all the organisations and individuals who deal with people with disabilities, as well as to do our everyday work according to Christian values.
We work to the end that the institution provide its clients with high quality services that respond to contemporary social needs while we follow professional guidelines and the principles of normalization, autonomy and equal opportunity.

Our quality policy goals concerning the future of the Institution:

- By 30th June 2014 we would like to establish a pedagogical professional service centre and a methodological centre.
- By 1st September 2014 we want to finish an infrastructural development, increase staff number to 60 people, and run the institution with a clear profile.
- By 1st January 2015 we aim to introduce life-long, differentiated day care facility and employment opportunity for clients beyond compulsory school age.

In order to achieve our goals:

- The management and all employees of the institution are committed to the implementation of a quality-based system. To this end, we developed and introduced our quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 standard.
- We adopt a cooperative institution policy that can give stability for us in the long term in the social, health and education service system.
- We are working on the development of an organizational structure and human resources which are efficient from a professional point of view, but economical at the same time, and which will ensure our good performance and its own.
- We will make our domestic and international connections more efficient.
- We will apply for tenders which help us in the creation of good conditions.


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