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Social care

Fundamentally, our institution functions as a public education and rehabilitation institution, and only additionally provides social services for young adults who have already completed their studies and attending our so-called “youth groups”. This makes the structure of our everyday life. Their weekly sessions are centered around learning the highest possible level of living independtly, on their own, practicing self-determination skills, as well as gradually preparing for future employment. These activities serve a complex function, to provide physical, mental and spiritual wellness with consideration to their abilities and qualities.

Currently, we have three young adult groups, providing occupations or therapeutic work according to their abilities and personal needs up until the age of 30.

Weekly activities include: “Work practice”, “Claying class”, “Mental health workshop”, “Practice”, “Youth Bible Class”, “Creative workshop”, “Everyday living”, “Snoezelen therapy”.

Until we find the most suitable employment for each of our students, we always try to find a place within our institution where they can contribute to our work. Beside our everyday work we constantly support this process to create a collegial partnership with them.

Furthermore, members of our Youth Group have also joined a social sensitization project to sensitize university students, but they have successfully found a common voice with primary school students and the elderly as well.

Our social services beside providing care service to our adult clients, they also provide meaningful activities during the (autumn, winter and summer) school holidays with care service and supervision.

Thematic/therapeutic weeks during the summer:

  • Sport week
  • Special needs swimming week
  • Week of Delicacies
  • Creative week
  • Dog therapy week
  • Clay workshop week
  • AAC week
  • Bible class week
  • Culture week
  • Special needs swimming week
  • Beauty week
  • Art therapy week

The social institution unit operates according to the former ministry for social and family affairs regulation 1/2000 (1/7), determining the professional functions and operating functions of social institutions providing personal care, as well as in accordance with the 1993/III law on social administration and social provisions.