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The Immanuel Foundation

The Immanuel Foundation was founded in 11 March 1991 by the Reformed Congregation of the Great Church of Debrecen, our maintainer, for the purpose of supporting the Reformed Congregation of the Great Church of Debrecen Immanuel Home.

Since 1998, the foundation is registered as a public benefit organization.

As a public benefit organization, the foundation carries out the following activities:

  • health preservation, disease prevention, healing and healthcare rehabilitation activities,
  • Education and care, skill development, awareness raising,
  • cultural activities.

The chairman of the board of trustees is dr Lajos Debreczeni.

The board holds meetings when necessary, but at least twice a year.


The mission

The Immanuel Foundation believes it is their responsibility to support the treatment, rehabilitation, employment, care, education, transportation, as well as the free-time, sport and cultural activities of the disabled children and youth in the care of the Immanuel Home.

It considers its responsibility to satisfy any other needs besides their daily operating expenses, such as acquiring expensive appliances.

The foundation also supports the further training of the Home’s specialists working with the disabled children.

The foundation successfully grabs every opportunity to tender, thus creating even more programs and free-time activities available, as well as social integration (camping at Berekfürdő, swimming classes for rehabilitation purposes, dog therapy, wheelchair dance).

One of the main aims of the foundation is to support families with disabled children.

The Board announces financial support every year for acquiring new medical appliances to make living easier for many families.

The foundation also tends to a successful collaboration with the Hajdú-Bihar county Association of Parents of Severely Disabled Children.


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