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The choir

As an extracurricular activity, the goal of the choir is to help our students and youth develop affection for music, as well as to engage their existing abilities by using the pull of community and music. Through completing musical games and exercises, they subconsciously grow in and improve their musical abilities. These sessions generally have a nice and friendly atmosphere, since singing and playing together is a good way to break down their barriers. All children and young people are welcome to join our workshop and participate, whatever their interests are, whether it is singing or playing percussion instruments along the songs and rhymes. There are no age limit, conditions or exceptions. Every member of our choir is equal: they are happy for each other, they accept and complete one another. They experience companionship and what it means to be responsible for themselves and each other. The choir is a heart, forming us to be one soul, where love and singing are united. Even our physically handicapped students, as well as those with speech and communication disorders, can have a chance to join and actively participate. Everybody who commits themselves to regular participation in rehearsals and performances is more than welcome. Since the 2006 formation of the choir, we have performed at countless events, conferences and festivals. Beyond our performances, we also consider it important to offer our service to others. Every year, we visit the Nursing Home of the Reformed Church (Református Idősek Otthona) to put a smile on their faces, partly through our performance and partly through the subsequent conversations. We also perform regularly at the services of the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen.

All our colleagues work hard to engage each of our students in our programs in accordance with their abilities, and sometimes we even manage to draw in children from mainstream schools who love instruments or singing. These sessions improve our inclusive practices as well.

Together, the members of our choir – with their sincere love for music and people – bring light into the life of each other and of those who see their smile on their faces and hear their joyful singing.