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The education and teaching of severely disabled children with special needs

The current system of education does not provide regular, full-time education for severely disabled children who, besides their reduced mobility, often have intellectual or learning difficulties as well. There are only three schools in the country which provide full-time education for them, thus the public education of these children is managed in the form of private tutoring, for only 10 hours a week. Since their education is a problem even in Hajdú-Bihar County, our institution provides their education as part of our collaboration with the Kölcsey Ferenc Reformed Primary School. Students are officially in contract with the Kölcsey School, where they are relocated from to our institution, so that at the same time they could benefit from the full-time social provision we offer: the Immanuel Home and School is able to meet their care provision needs, as well as the assistance required for special needs education. Their education occurs just as in a regular, full-time school, stretched throughout the morning – the only difference being that they are in groups of 4-5 –, while at the same time also providing logopedic- and kinesitherapies. In the afternoon, the students have various activities at their disposal: self-defense course, wheelchair course, dog therapy, special needs swimming class, the choir, etc. Although they are officially private students, they receive a full-time education and therapy in our institution, meanwhile they are welcome to our services any time during opening hours (7AM-4:30PM), so that we also make it easier for the parents to accommodate to their employment. Since they study in small groups, they also get the feeling of a real school.