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Our maintainer: the Reformed Great Church of Debrecen

Since the regime change in Hungary, the everyday life of the Congregation of the Great Church has been diversified in many ways. The church is primarily a place of worship, therefore services are the most important occasions in the daily life of our Congregation.

Each and every generation has its place in one of the many workshops of the Congregation: the youngest are welcome to the Mum and Baby Club; we have Bible classes and church services for the smaller children every week; we offer monthly services for the upper secondary and high school students as well called Worship Service for Teenagers. As for the adults, we have Bible study groups to experience the sense of community.

We welcome our brothers and sisters to worship services three times every Sunday: the 8 AM service offers a peaceful morning contemplation held in the chapel of the Great Church; the 10 AM service brings hundreds of people to listen to the word of God from the ministers of the Great Church – or occasional guest preachers – every week. The Sunday 6 PM service is accompanied by the Congregation’s own worship band where beyond listening to the sermon, we can also witness the testimonies and exhortations of the young members of our community.

We also nurse significant international relations: we have sister congregations in ethnic Hungarian communities abroad, as well as in Germany, South Korea and the United States.

Our congregation have founded several institutions. The Immanuel Home and School took it upon themselves to tend to the severely disabled children and youth, to their daily care and special education. The Open Door Social Centre (Nyitott Ajtó Szociális Központ) offers daytime care and social provision for the elderly as Christian service, meanwhile the Open Door Support Service (Nyitott Ajtó Támogató Szolgálat) brings help to the homes of our seriously ill or severely disabled brothers and sisters. The “Reménysugár” Daytime Shelter for the Homeless provides food and a place for those without a roof over their heads to clean themselves up; while in winter, when the need is greatest, they serve hundreds of hot meals every week.


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Debrecen-Nagytemplomi Református Egyházközség

Address: 4026 Debrecen, Piac u. 4-6.

Telefon/fax: +36 (52) 614-160