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Home Assistance Service

This program is supported by the Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd. and the Ministry of Human Capacities.

The Immanuel Home and School carried out the “FECSKE” service (Hungarian acronym for Temporary Escorting and Caring for Families Looking after Disabled People) in collaboration with the Hand in Hand Foundation between 1 December 2011 and 31 March 2018. From 1 April 2018 this service goes under the name Home Assistance Service (OS2018) but with the same conditions, commissioned by the Ministry of Human Capacities and coordinated by the Equal Opportunities of Persons with Disabilities Non-profit Ltd..

Due to the Home Assistance Service, families could receive at least a partial lightening of financial burdens, at the same time allowing their social integration, their return to the labour market or even to keep their jobs. Moreover, by providing some time to ease and relax, it could help keep families together, since the family could use this time to draw new strength from.

The Home Assistance Service sends a reliable and well-prepared professional as assistance for the family, who possesses both experience and knowledge regarding the care of disabled persons, and to  whom parents can safely entrust their child. The professional assistant supervises the disabled person, carries out the basic caring and nursing duties (food, hygiene, clothing, physical exercises, medications), as well as provides engaging entertainment with activities familiar to the person (playing, walking), and if needed escorts them between their home and the given institution (school, kindergarten, daycare). Our service can flexibly accommodate to the circumstances of any given family, available 24/7 for a maximum of 15 hours every month.

Who can apply?

  • families looking after disabled child, young adult or adult at home.

Hourly fees:

200-600 HUF, depending on family income, about which the applying family is required to file a declaration.


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