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Self-defense Class

The self-defense class was created as a reply to an FSZK publication titled “Disabilities and Abuse”. Even more, we decided that in the 2017/18 school year, improving self-determination of our students and young adults should be one of our annual goals, with special regard to the prevention of abuses.

Respecting the abilities and the personality of each of our students, we wanted them to learn the highest possible level of self-determination, and the Home, as their safe zone, to create a healthy self-esteem. These paired with actual self-defense practices could mean that they have a better chance – in accordance with their abilities – to stand on their own as a resilient person, wherever they get in the course of their lives: let it be another school, a boarding institution, employment, social daycare institution, or in an ideal scenario, an accepting community, a regular job in society.

The self-defense class and institution goals cover each and every form of abuse: physical, sexual, emotional, financial or cyber. We emphasize that abuse does not always occur in a public space (street, pubs, etc.), but it can happen at home or in an institution as well.

We have two goals regarding both the class and the everyday teaching at the institution:

  1. Prevention, with special attention to:
  • sex education,
  • self-reliance, and how to form social relations, or manage conflicts,
  • defending their own interests;
  1. Actual self-defense according to a given situation:
  • the exercises to become routine reactions.